GDKP Rules

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1. Don't Be a Dick: Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

2. Verification: You must be verified before the beginning of the raid. (See the #verify text channel in Discord.) If you are pugged into the raid, your logs will have been pulled for that one raid, but you must post for verification to attend future events.

3. Nicknames: Please change your [Discord Nickname/Server Profile Name] to your in-game character's name before signing up for any raid. (Our signup bot allows you to alter it after signing up, for the purpose of alt characters.)

4. Raid Invites: Invites will go out 30 Minutes before raid time - in the order of signups. 15 minutes later, there will be a "fill call" based on first come, first serve.

5. GDKP: All items will be masterlooted and auctioned for gold. Shocking, I know.

6. Voice Comms: If you are NOT in Discord, your cut will be forfeited. (A mic is not required, but the ability to listen and follow instructions is.)

7. Carry/Buyer/Hybrid: If you are not carrying (below 35% parse AVG), your cut may be forfeited if you also do not spend a minimum of 5k for payout as a buyer. (Enforcement of this rule is left to the discretion of the Raid Leader.)

8. Min Bid/Increments: The Raid Leader may change the starting bid on higher value items; otherwise, items will start at 2500g and increase by 500g minimum increments. (1000g is the lowest price.) All bids are final, and if you miss a bid, there is no guarantee it will be rebid. (Lootmaster's discretion.)

9. Bidding-by-Proxy: You cannot bid on items your class cannot equip, but you can purchase for someone else in the raid.

10. Bid Payment: All bids must be paid for during the raid. No IOU's. If you do not have the gold on you, the item will either be rebid or sold to the next highest bidder, per the Raid Leader's discretion. (Exceptions are made for circumstances that involve exceeding the gold cap.)

11. Payout Ledger: All drops and math will be tracked in a spreadsheet and in-game via an addon to make sure everyone gets the correct amount of gold. A screenshot of the ledger will be posted in the appropriate public channel shortly after the raid's conclusion.

12. Leeching: If you're noticed to not be bidding on significant upgrades, the Raid Leader reserves the right to remove your cut. (i.e. - letting BiS items your character needs go for min bid to an offspec.)

13. Split: The house will be taking an extra cut of the gold collected for organization of the event.

14. Liabilities: If you are a raid liability, whether through inability to follow instructions or to play your class to an adequate level, you will be warned. If it continues, the Raid Leader reserves the right to remove you from raid, which will result in share forfeiture.

15. Griefing: Griefing the raid in any form will result in either a fine paid to the pot (typically established ahead of time) or forfeiture of payout. With any intentionally malicious cases, no warnings are guaranteed, and you may also be removed from the raid/perma-banned.

16. WeirdChamp: If something bizarre happens, admins reserve the right to make appropriate calls based on the situation.

Management reserves the right to update, change, and enforce the rules depending on the circumstances.